Sean Dawson
Software Engineer




iOS Developer by trade, web and backend developer by hobby. Possessing a broad range of skills that far exceed what is required by the job description with a passion to always explore and learn. Strong development skills but also experience with liaising with clients to effectively realise and communicate solutions to complex problems. Proven to work effectively both in a team and also independently when the required.


Work Experience


Canberra, AU
Feb 2017 - Present

Software Developer

Prototyping and building new Unity 3D projects as well as maintaining existing projects.
Ensured the timely release of a product update by automating an incredibly complex build process to free up developer time.

Outware Mobile

Jan 2015 - Feb 2017

Associate Software Engineer

Helped Outware develop great iOS apps.
Liaised with clients to design solutions for complex problems
Supported the integration services team with front end web development.
Participated in discussions around architecture, machine learning and security.

Blog Linker for Shopify

Oct 2015 - Present

Owner/Sole Developer

Created a plugin for the Shopify app store that is maintained and marketed outside of work hours
Written in Node.js and running on Heroku.
Uses worker instances and AMQP for scalability.

Two Bulls

Jul 2013 - Dec 2015

Mobile Game Developer

Worked on the groundbreaking iOS game Blokify which was developed in Unity3D. Responsibilities included: developing a dynamic UI system using NGUI; prototyping gameplay models; creating interfaces to APIs; and optimising the performance of both the gameplay and the generation of 3D printing data.

Worked as a sole developer on a augmented reality app for a high profile client.

Built an in-house animation and art pipeline toolkit which automated the entire process of exporting and importing animations between Flash and Unity3D. This saved a significant amount of artist and developer time.


Jan 2013 - July 2013

Web Developer

Worked on a large scale web application based on ASP .NET and C#. Participated in the ground up development of a custom dynamic mobile framework based on jQuery Mobile and Knockout.



RMIT University

Melbourne, AU
2009 - 2012

Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)

Thesis Title: "A Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Journey Planning: Accommodating Passenger Preferences".
Graduated with First Class Honours (GPA: 4.0)
Vice-Chancellor's List Award (Top 2% of HE students in 2012)



Outware Mobile

Melbourne, AU

Outware Health Hackathon


Won the "Best Execution" award for creating an game to help children develop their communication skills.


Melbourne, AU

ANZ Innovation Hackathon


Won the "Peoples Choice" award for developing an innovative addition to a banking app to encourage banking customers to save more money.

RMIT University

Melbourne, AU

RMIT Evolutionary Computing and Machine Learning Group


Participated in and led discussions on topics such as genetic algorithms, large scale optimisation, machine learning and data mining.

RMIT University

Melbourne, AU

Angry Birds AI Challenge 2012

Team Member

Represented RMIT in a cross university competition to develop an AI system which plays the video game Angry Birds using techniques such as object detection, classification and expert strategies.



Sean Dawson